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Five reasons why now is the perfect time to become a Blossom carer

In a world where professional home care and compassion are needed more than ever, we are on an unrelenting mission to recruit and nurture the very best carers in the country.


We are redefining the caregiving experience by ensuring our highly valued team members receive unparalleled levels of pay, working conditions, training, and support. This empowers our team to excel in their roles, providing life-changing care with dedication and pride.


Although we have been the go-to employer for carers for several years, there has never been a better time to become a Blossom carer than now. Here’s why…


1. You’ll be joining a multi award-winning team

Driven by the passion of our teams, Blossom continues to be celebrated as a multi award-winning home care provider, recognised for our commitment to excellence in caregiving. Our carers across the country have received many accolades for their work, with the latest triumphs coming at the 2023 Great British Care Awards and Stars of Social Care Awards.


By joining us, you will become a key part of this esteemed family of carers, working alongside some of the most experienced and recognised professionals in the sector.

A team of carers accepting an award on stage
Blossom team award


2. Make a tangible difference in your community

Our commitment extends beyond providing individual care; we also strive to contribute positively to the broader communities we serve. Our offices across the country actively work on supporting meaningful causes – recent examples include our team in Canterbury raising money for the Help For Teagan campaign, and the Harrogate & Ripon office joining forces with Harrogate Town AFC’s community initiative to support the elderly.


You will have the opportunity to be at the heart of these efforts, bringing about change and delivering good beyond the confines of home care.


3. Experience genuine career fulfilment

As a Blossom carer, every visit you make improves your clients’ quality of life, as you provide comfort, companionship, and care within their own homes. And there is an unrivalled sense of fulfilment in witnessing the positive impact of your work first-hand.


You can get a sense of what life-changing impacts your work will make by reading this heartfelt letter we received from a client in York. Such acknowledgments fuel our passion and pride in what we do, inspiring us to continually achieve new heights in home care.


4. We are expanding rapidly nationwide

We’re growing fast – and with growth comes opportunity. New Blossom offices are springing up rapidly across the country, and in November we broke new ground with our first shop front office in Lincolnshire.


This growth not only reflects our success, but also our commitment to making premium home care accessible to more communities. By joining us now, you will be positioning yourself at the forefront of this exciting journey, with unbridled opportunities for both personal and professional growth.


5. No previous care experience? No problem!

Whilst having previous home care experience is desired, it is not essential to join us. Comprehensive in-depth training is provided as part of achieving your Care Certificate.


If you are eligible to work within the UK, able to speak English fluently, and abide by our five key pillars – confidence, passion, respect, caring, and patience – you have the potential to join our team. In doing so you will enjoy some amazing employee benefits that ensure your dedication and hard work are rewarded. These are detailed on our application page.


So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to a richly rewarding career in home care with Blossom today.


Ready to get started?

Do you believe you have the positive, can-do attitude that makes for a brilliant carer? Then we want to hear from you. Contact the Blossom Home Care recruitment team today and take your first step to redefining what it means to be a carer in your community.


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