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Live-in care

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Home is where the heart is – but what happens when people need a little extra help to continue doing all the things they used to be able to manage so easily? In certain situations, live-in carers may be required to ensure individuals are able to stay safe, happy and comfortable in the place they love the most: their own home. Where this is deemed necessary, Blossom Home Care will be delighted to provide highly-trained and experienced specialist carers to provide bloomin' good care.

Live-in care focuses on dignity and respect, helping clients retain their independence whilst enabling them to have the freedom to continue making choices on their own terms. Emotional wellbeing is equally as important as physical health, so our live-in carers are not only a constant source of help and support, but also an excellent companion. Many of our clients develop strong bonds with their carers and consider them as their “very caring” friends.

Live-in care often works especially well if there are two or more people in a household that require varying levels of home care. A key benefit of this is how significantly more cost-effective it is as opposed to moving them into permanent nursing or residential care homes.

However, it is important to note that live-in care is distinctly different to 24-hour care – which requires a more specific and comprehensive package of care. When contacting the Blossom Home Care team about the potential adoption of live-in carers, we will conduct an assessment and advise exactly what care the client(s) need.


What makes Blossom Home Care live-in care different?

We believe live-in carers should be more than just being on hand to help clients cope with day-to-day tasks. They should also be there to keep clients engaged, motivated, happy and healthy. We achieve this by:

Working with multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

Our highly trained and experienced carers work extremely closely with the client’s family and multidisciplinary team (MDT) from the first moment we are enlisted to help. This includes but is not limited to:

● Doctors

● Nurses

● Social workers

● Mental health workers

● Physiotherapists

● Other healthcare professionals

This partnership-first approach allows us to carry out precisely the right level of holistic care for the client. A laser-focused bespoke care plan improves the client’s wellbeing and enables us to keep them safe and comfortable in their own home for as long as possible.

Relieving stress for family members

Entrusting Blossom Home Care to liaise with the client’s MDT and support staff alleviates a lot of strain on family members – especially those who may also be doubling up as carers.

Having our experienced, professional carers look after the client with a bespoke care plan allows you to rest easy that they are getting the top-quality attention they need.

A holistic approach to care

We focus on every aspect of clients’ wellbeing when devising their bespoke care plan. No matter what their specific requirements, limitations, hobbies, interests or wishes are, we work tirelessly with them and their family to fully meet their personal needs.

Our life-affirming approach to caring for clients also helps prevent deteriorating health issues, dramatically improving their outlook and overall happiness; a positive mindset brings positive things.

You can find out more about our holistic approach to care here.

Blossom Home Care app provides complete transparency

Our industry-leading app is continually updated with exactly what care the client is receiving. Family members are able to check in on this any time day or night, providing peace of mind that your loved one is getting the phenomenal care they need and deserve.

You can find out more about the Blossom Home Care app here.

What are the benefits of having live-in carers?

There are countless benefits to having live-in carers support those in need, including:

● Being able to continue living in your own home

● Staying together as a married couple

● Gaining more independence and freedom

● Removing the burden on family members

● Keeping pets in the home

● Unrivalled one-to-one personal care and attention

● Continuity of care

● Having the time to enjoy the things that matter most to you

● Relief from domestic chores

● Choosing when and what to eat, with meals prepared if required

Everyone is different, so we take the time to understand your wants and tailor our packages according to your individual needs.


What live-in care services does Blossom Home Care provide?

Choosing live-in care means someone is always on hand to help with whatever you need. Common services include but are not limited to:

Personal and medication care

● Washing and dressing

● Management of hygiene

● Organising and administration of medicines

● Collecting client prescriptions

Accompaniment and companionship

● Accompaniment on holidays and trips away, whether overnight or a day trip

● Support in enjoying hobbies and social activities, such as going to clubs, church, or meeting friends

● Helping clients attend appointments and meetings

Household assistance

● Client shopping and helping with to-do lists

● Laundry and ironing

● General housekeeping

We also offer bespoke specialist care packages for those requiring complex care, dementia care, disability care, live-in care, palliative care, and rehabilitation care. To find out more, please visit their respective pages.

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