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A client's journey to recovery with Blossom

We are always moved to receive heartfelt feedback from our clients up and down the country. But this letter, received from one of our remarkable clients in York who wishes to remain anonymous, particularly touched us. This client’s journey with us serves as a valuable reminder that every small achievement matters. It’s why we continuously strive to raise the bar in order to make significant positive impacts on clients’ quality of life and holistic wellbeing. The letter is also a testament to the dedication and compassion our teams nationwide work 24/7 to embody.

Hello, I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to Holly and the York team for the way they have helped to settle me in with my new care package over the last six weeks, and the incredible level of care they have given to me during a significant relapse of my ME in the past three weeks.

My package can be complex in terms of my numerous medical needs, and I also have severe anxiety and PTSD linked to some previous negative experiences with my care. I am also awaiting an autism assessment, which may shed light on my strong need for routine and familiarity. This makes it not an easy task to make me feel settled and start to form relationships with new carers.

However, the patience, understanding, and time spent by Holly and her team have meant I have finally begun to relax, and after many months, I am starting to come out of the fight or flight mode I have been stuck in. We have had some significant achievements in terms of my anxiety and the support I feel comfortable with, and the things I will allow the carers to support me with.

Some of these are things that it has literally taken years for me to overcome and not panic about. So what has been achieved in just six weeks is no mean feat, and many of the health professionals involved in managing my medical needs have commented on the difference in my mood and the significance of some of the achievements I have made.

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the way I have been cared for in the past few weeks. Each of my carers has gone above and beyond to try to put me at ease and ensure my every need has been met. I’ve received care from a number of agencies in the past 12 years, and by far, Blossom stands out as the most accommodating and dedicated. Never before have I experienced carers who are so invested in my progress as I recover from my relapse, and seeing their response of joy when I have reached a milestone in my recovery means the world to me. Their encouragement and reassurance have been endless, and I could not be more thankful.

Three weeks ago, I had the worst relapse of my ME that I have experienced for around five years. It had been building for months due to the stress surrounding my care before I came to Blossom, and I have to say my heart sank when I realised I was relapsing so soon into a new package. I knew I was going to have to accept a whole new level of personal care and much more support with everything, including being washed and fed in bed by people I had only just begun to know. I cannot thank Holly, Eleanor, Emily, Sasha, and more recently Alex for their sensitivity to my needs and their compassion and understanding of just how difficult the situation was for me.

At times I was really scared by how poorly I was, and the severity of my symptoms and the level of pain medication I needed meant I had to give my complete trust to the carers, but they have surpassed all my expectations. I’m now well on the road to recovery, but seeing the carers’ delight and how they have shared my successes with one another has been a huge encouragement for me, and I feel valued in away I haven’t experienced for a long time with my care. Each time they visit, they are so happy to see how well I am doing since the last visit, and it spurs me on when I have a difficult day.

We are still adding to my team, with Sarah being introduced this week, but even when it comes to new people joining my little care team, I can see how much thought has gone into selecting the right match for me and ensuring my complex medical needs have been shared before anyone comes in to my home.

Please accept my gratitude and pass on my thanks and appreciation to every one of the York team involved in my care. You can see their passion for what they do, but I think at times they don’t realise just how good they are. Holly has a true gift in what she does, and it shows in the amount of detail she puts into her work and how hard she works to build a relationship with her clients and understand them on many levels. For me, this has been key to helping me feel at ease.

Thank you a million times over!

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