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What makes Blossom Home Care different?

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A truly holistic approach to care that delivers extraordinary results

Holistic caring

We focus on positively impacting every aspect of a client’s wellbeing – a truly holistic approach designed to improve their mind, body and soul.

Giving your loved ones they time and respect they deserve

50+ minute visits

All carer visits last a minimum of 50 minutes, and often much longer. This allows for your loved ones to be properly looked after, ensuring they feel valued and safe in their own home.

Bespoke care plans, expertly delivered

Bespoke care plans

Everyone’s needs are unique, which is why our home care plans are too. All clients receive a fully tailored care programme to ensure they get exactly what they need 24/7.

Modern care in every sense of the term

The Blossom app

The industry-leading Blossom Home Care app provides full transparency over the care your loved ones are receiving, giving you complete peace of mind every day.

Ensuring clients live, not just exist

Empowering customers

From social activities to full days out, we enable clients to continue enjoying their hobbies and interests as much as possible as part of a completely tailored care plan.

We treat our carers every bit as importantly as our clients

Treating carers properly

With better pay, engaging routines and expert training, you can rest assured our carers are always motivated and looking forward to caring for your loved ones.

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