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Why quality time matters: The many benefits clients gain from Blossom’s minimum 50-minute care visits

In an age where enormous emphasis is placed on speed and efficiency in virtually all aspects of life, the essential human-to-human aspect of caregiving is too often overlooked.

But we believe in a different approach.

Understanding that the delivery of quality, compassionate care cannot be rushed, we have an unbreakable promise that all carer visits last an absolute minimum of 50 minutes, should clients wish them to be. Often visits will last much longer too, ensuring every client’s unique needs and wishes are met.

This policy illustrates our deep commitment to providing genuinely holistic care that goes far beyond “ticking off” mere essential tasks, which is how many other home care companies operate.

We know that quality time spent with clients significantly impacts their wellbeing and happiness. And our carers’ mission is to meaningfully touch and improve the lives of clients we serve, each and every time they step through the front door.

Female carer with elderly male in a wheelchair with thumbs up

Nine key client benefits of our minimum 50-minute care visits:

1. Building personal relationships

Extended care visits create unique opportunities for carers and clients to develop a deep, personal rapport. This connection is crucial to enabling the delivery of genuinely holistic care, as it enables carers to really get to know their clients and tailor their support to the individual’s emotional, mental, and physical needs.

2. Enhancing client wellbeing

The feeling of being valued and respected – especially when being cared for within your own home – significantly enhances clients’ wellbeing. Longer visits allow for meaningful interactions, ensuring clients feel listened to, understood, and genuinely cared for. This emotional support is vital for their mental health and overall happiness.

3. Promoting social engagement

With plenty of time on their hands, carers can ensure clients participate in social activities they want to enjoy. Whether it’s catch-ups over cuppas, or outings in the community, these interactions are essential for mental stimulation, combating loneliness, and promoting a sense of belonging and enjoyment in life.

4. Ensuring safety and comfort

The key aim of home care is ensuring clients feel safe and comfortable in their own environment. By spending quality time with clients in the home, carers are able to thoroughly assess and address any such issues and ensure clients will feel secure after they have left.

5. Tailored care and attention

Every individual’s needs are unique, and longer visits allow for personalised care plans to be delivered with meticulous attention to detail. This bespoke approach ensures all aspects of a client’s care are covered – from medication management, to personal hygiene, socialising, and everything in between – without any rushing around.

6. Empowering independence

By spending more time with clients, carers can better support individuals in maintaining and enhancing independence in their own home for as long as possible. This includes assisting with daily living skills, encouraging mobility and mental stimulation, and nurturing an ongoing confidence in clients’ abilities.

7. Aiding rehabilitation

For clients recovering from illness, injury, or surgery, the additional time allows carers to assist with rehabilitation exercises and activities. This consistent, attentive support can significantly speed up recovery processes, ensuring clients regain strength and mobility in the comfort of their own homes.

8. Minimising the risk of trips and falls

The extra time is crucial for identifying and mitigating fall hazards within clients' homes. If needed, carers have the time to rearrange living spaces for safer navigation and educate clients on precautions. This drastically reduces the likelihood of accidents in the home.

9. Decreasing future care needs

Extended care visits not only enrich the lives of clients, but also play a pivotal role in physical health and safety. By focusing on rehabilitation and safety, clients can maintain higher levels of independence and physical wellbeing – in turn lessening the need for continued intensive care in the future.

Schedules that suit every individual

It's also important to note that whilst we advocate for the full utilisation of 50-minute visits to ensure comprehensive care is delivered, our flexibility to meet clients' wishes remains. All clients can request carers conclude their visits before the 50-minute mark whenever desired.

And in response to community needs, we have recently broadened our services to include 30-minute care visits for NHS clients. This reflects our adaptive and responsive approach to care, ensuring all individuals receive the support needed in a manner that best suits the circumstances.

The philosophy behind our bloomin’ good care is simple yet profound: quality care cannot be rushed. So for individuals in need of compassionate, comprehensive care that truly values quality time, contacting your local Blossom Home Care office is the best decision you can make.

Ready to experience a new level of care?

Blossom Home Care has an unbreakable commitment to delivering exceptional levels of service. If you want to find out more about how our superb carers can help your loved ones, please contact us today:

We look forward to helping you.


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