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“I will never leave Blossom again!” Why one carer is committing her future to Blossom – and why you should too

Moving between companies in the same industry is a completely normal occurrence for virtually all professionals. 


However, it’s not something Diane Meynell plans on ever experiencing again during the rest of her career in home care. 

Blossom carer


The Yorkshire-based 49-year-old was part of the Blossom Northallerton team for over two years before deciding to leave for pastures new. However, her experience with a home care competitor left a lot to be desired, and she soon found herself back delivering exceptional client care with Blossom. 


Here in her own words, Diane talks through her journey and why she can never see herself leaving again. 


“It was a no-brainer to go back”: Diane’s experience of rejoining Blossom 

Leaving Blossom wasn’t a decision I made lightly at all. I am from a sales background and was structured in looking at pros and cons. But eventually I decided that new employers – one of Blossom’s main competitors – were up my street. They offered similar pay in the same area, and they welcomed me with open arms. It seemed the right choice. 


However, as the old saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener – and I discovered it’s not. 


My new employer had serious safeguarding issues, which I brought to the fore – I have got a voice and am not afraid to bring such issues up. But my concerns were swept under the carpet, so I needed to think seriously about my future again. 


I had an informal chat with Lucinder at Blossom Northallerton. As soon as I met her, I liked her and what she was saying. I discovered the issues I had highlighted when I first left had been dealt with, so I couldn’t see any reason not to come back. It was a no-brainer to go back to Blossom. 


Blossom has always had better pay than their competitors, and they increased it again just before I returned. I was then offered the chance to be a senior carer as well. It was so nice to be recognised for all I had done during the two-and-a-half years I had first spent there.  


Since day one I have always been very invested in my clients. It broke mine and their hearts when I left. So to be able to go back to them was amazing. My first shift was on Christmas Day and it was just lovely, it felt like I had never been away. 


Now I would never, ever leave Blossom to go to another care company. I wouldn’t advise anyone to, either – the grass simply isn’t greener. We have an awful lot more people that need care now. So if you want to have a job where you feel satisfaction with every day you put in, join Blossom. Anyone who works for us is proud to be part of the family. 


Top five reasons to join Blossom as a carer today 

We have long been the preferred employer for carers nationwide, but the opportunity to join us has never been more enticing than it is right now. Here’s why: 


1. Become part of a multi award-winning team 

We are widely regarded as a leading, multi award-winning home care provider, thanks to our team’s dedication and passion. Joining us means being part of a family recognised for its outstanding commitment to caregiving excellence. 


2. Make a real impact in your community 

As a Blossom carer, you will play a pivotal role in our mission to make a significant difference to local communities, whilst extending our impact on clients beyond traditional home care boundaries. 


3. Find true career satisfaction 

You will hear directly from clients, like the heartfelt feedback we received from a client in York, about the profound effect your work can have. These stories illustrate how valued your work is and serve as a daily source of inspiration to achieve excellence. 


4. Be are the forefront of our national expansion 

Our rapid growth across the country isn’t just a sign of our success; it reflects our commitment to bringing high-quality home care to as many people as possible. Joining us now means you will be leading the way in this exciting expansion, with endless opportunities for both personal and professional growth. 


5. No care experience required 

Whilst having prior experience in home care is of course beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite to join our team. We offer comprehensive, in-depth training to help you earn your Care Certificate and excel in your new role. 


There are lots more benefits to becoming a Blossom carer, too – to find out more, please visit our dedicated recruitment page. 


Ready to get started? 

Do you believe you have the positive, can-do attitude that makes for a brilliant carer? Then we want to hear from you. Contact the Blossom Home Care recruitment team today and take your first step to redefining what it means to be a carer in your community. 


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