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Blossom Home Care are head and shoulders above any other care-in-the-home provider in the country. We achieve this by treating every client as the unique, special individual they are – understanding exactly what they need not just to survive, but to continue to thrive in their own home.

Every one of our carers exudes a relentlessly positive, can-do attitude. This is in keeping with our holistic approach to bloomin' good care, which puts continual improvement of the client’s all-round physical and mental wellbeing at the heart of every bespoke care plan.

When establishing a new relationship, our highly-skilled management team will begin by conducting a thorough assessment with both the client and their family. This ensures the fully tailored package offered will successfully provide the care required in a friendly and professional way, whilst also delivering the desired results.


What makes Blossom Home Care different?

Family members can always be confident they are leaving the care of their relative in completely capable hands. We pride ourselves on doing things differently, leading the home care industry to exemplary new standards – all to the benefit of every single one of our clients. This includes:

Working with multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

Our highly trained and experienced carers work extremely closely with the client’s family and multidisciplinary team (MDT) from the first moment we are enlisted to help. This includes but is not limited to:

● Doctors

● Nurses

● Social workers

● Mental health workers

● Physiotherapists

● Other healthcare professionals

This partnership-first approach allows us to carry out precisely the right level of holistic care for the client. A laser-focused bespoke care plan improves the client’s wellbeing and enables us to keep them safe and comfortable in their own home for as long as possible.

Relieving stress for family members

Entrusting Blossom Home Care to liaise with the client’s MDT and support staff alleviates a lot of strain on family members – especially those who may also be doubling up as carers.

Having our experienced, professional carers look after the client with a bespoke care plan allows you to rest easy that they are getting the top-quality attention they need.

Minimum 50-minute visits

Key to our care provision is our unbreakable commitment that every visit lasts a minimum of 50 minutes – and often much longer.

This gives carers the time to properly interact with clients, having friendly conversations or enjoying activities together, as well as going about their routine duties. In short, it means doing all the things that really matter to them.

You can find out more about our minimum 50-minute visits here.

A holistic approach to care

We focus on every aspect of clients’ wellbeing when devising their bespoke care plan. No matter what their specific requirements, limitations, hobbies, interests or wishes are, we work tirelessly with them and their family to fully meet their personal needs.

Our life-affirming approach to caring for clients also helps prevent deteriorating health issues, dramatically improving their outlook and overall happiness; a positive mindset brings positive things.

You can find out more about our holistic approach to care here.


Blossom Home Care app provides complete transparency

Our industry-leading app is continually updated with exactly what care the client is receiving. Family members are able to check in on this any time day or night, providing peace of mind that your loved one is getting the phenomenal care they need and deserve.

You can find out more about the Blossom Home Care app here.

What home care services does Blossom offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of services, all of which are completely tailored to suit each individual in need of our care and support. Some example home care services include:

  • Morning, lunchtime, teatime and bedtime visits

  • Washing, showering, bathing, dressing and grooming

  • Encouraging, reminding, assisting and administering medications

  • Ordering and collecting prescriptions from the pharmacy, as well as returning unused medication for safety reasons

  • Preparation and planning assistance with meals and gentle encouragement to consume food and liquids

  • Client shopping and the removal of out of date food

  • Helping with to-do lists

  • Laundry, ironing and general housekeeping

  • Collecting pensions, supporting social activities and participation in hobbies, and helping clients to attend medical appointments

  • 24/7 care, overnight care and respite care

We also offer bespoke specialist care packages for those requiring complex care, dementia care, disability care, live-in care, palliative care, and rehabilitation care. To find out more, please visit their respective pages.

Whatever services are required, our mission remains the same: keeping those in need of care safe and happy in their own home for as long as possible.

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