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Complex care

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Blossom Home Care are specialist providers of bespoke complex care services in the home.

We understand that living with a long-term condition and suffering from a lack of independence can be extremely challenging – especially when a client’s overriding desire is to stay in the familiar and comforting surroundings of their own home.

From the outset our aim is to deliver bloomin' good care and offer every individual the tailored help and holistic support they require to enable them to remain safe and happy in their own home for as long as possible.


What makes Blossom Home Care’s complex care different?

We go the extra mile every time to ensure our complex care services deliver exactly what’s needed and more.

We support the family too

Being responsible for someone who is chronically ill or requires ongoing care is a stressful and draining experience. That’s why our team’s devotion to delivering immense wraparound support extends to the family as well as the client.

Whether it’s advice, support, assistance with chores, or just someone to share a cup of tea with to unwind, our incredible carers are on hand to help however we can.

Helping you make informed decisions

For those requiring complex care, having to make decisions regarding treatment can be a regular occurence.

So whenever a key decision needs to be made, our carers will always involve family members and those responsible for the client. We will liaise with the client’s medical team and provide detailed explanations, equipping you with the knowledge to make fully informed decisions surrounding the best course of action.

Blossom Home Care app provides complete transparency

Our industry-leading app is continually updated with exactly what care the client is receiving. Family members are able to check in on this any time day or night, providing peace of mind that your loved one is getting the phenomenal care they deserve.


Our complex care delivery process

There are three core steps to delivering top-quality complex care at home:


Premium complex care management starts with a comprehensive assessment of the client’s specific needs. This enables us to develop a highly detailed, bespoke care plan that identifies every requirement to help improve the client’s wellbeing.

It’s from this rock solid base we are able to implement a highly effective home care service. However, situations can change at any time – so we regularly review this care plan with all relevant parties to ensure we continuously adapt to meet any changing needs and preferences.

Care team matching

Once the bespoke complex care plan is in place, we then work with the client and their family to select a care team with exactly the right experience and temperament needed.

Our partnership approach – always working closely with clients, their family, and other healthcare professionals – ensures ultra high-quality care is delivered consistently.

As always, our service is outcome based – everything is built around the principle of supporting the client to live as independently as possible and empowering them to have choice and control over their care wherever possible. This often proves to be a very cost-effective alternative to nursing or residential home admission too.

Care delivery

The activation of the care plan is accompanied by ongoing regular reviews with the client, commissioners and other advocates, as well as staff supervision and assessment. All these elements are essential to ensure a smooth running package of care.

Additionally, regular quality assurance meetings are held with the client, purchaser, and staff, with regular feedback given to all to continuously improve the quality of care provided.

Who are Blossom Home Care’s complex care services suitable for?

Our complex care service is most suited to individuals who:

● Have been discharged from hospital and have significant nursing and clinical care needs that need to be continually monitored.

● Are in hospital wards – such as intensive care or high dependency units – and are due to return home, faced with a long-term recovery process.

● Suffer from degenerative conditions and have ongoing care needs.

● Have physical or learning disabilities and require long-term support in the home.

● Have complex care needs and are dependent on life-sustaining technology.

What complex care requirements do Blossom Home Care assist with?

We provide phenomenal home care for adults with a wide range of complex needs. This includes but is not limited to:

● Palliative / end-of-life care

● Brain injuries

● Spinal injuries

● Learning disabilities

● Mental health

● Rehabilitation

● Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

● Cerebral palsy

● Renal care

● Asbestosis-related diseases

● Many other long-term conditions

Furthermore, Blossom Home Care carers are competent with Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) tubes, non-invasive ventilation, cough assist machines, and stoma care and management.

As such, we also offer premium home care support in these areas and so much more.

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