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Harrogate & Ripon office joins forces with Harrogate Town AFC to sponsor community initiative

In a wonderful gesture of community support, Blossom Home Care Harrogate & Ripon has announced a new partnership with League Two football team Harrogate Town AFC.

The local office is proudly sponsoring the club’s Talk of the Town initiative, an incredibly worthwhile initiative run by the community foundation.

This new partnership not only underscores our commitment to enriching lives within the local community, but also highlights the importance of fostering connections, especially amongst the elderly.

What is the Talk of the Town initiative?

Held three times per week at venues in Harrogate and across the district, Talk of the Town sessions are aimed at reducing social isolation and improving both physical and mental wellbeing by bringing over-50s together.

In an era where social bonds are all too easily strained, Talk of the Town provides a comfortable and safe environment for participants to socialise, reminisce, and engage in a wide array of enjoyable activities, such as board games and quizzes.

Speaking about the initiative, Harrogate Town’s Commercial Director, Joanne Towler, said: “The collaboration with Blossom Home Care brings invaluable expertise and resources to the programme. As a trusted provider of home care services, Blossom can contribute their knowledge in promoting health, wellbeing, and community outreach.

“Through their involvement, the partnership can further expand its reach and impact, offering assistance to those in need and facilitating meaningful connections.”

Jill Stacey, Head of the Harrogate Town AFC Foundation, adds: “It’s wonderful to see the benefit these sessions have on a cross section of our community, from those who live with dementia to those who have suffered a bereavement. Blossom Home Care’s support for this programme is a fantastic way for two organisations who have the same values and views on wellbeing to collaborate positively for our community.

“Blossom’s support will enable us to continue to provide these much-needed social connection opportunities that foster a sense of belonging and affiliation to Harrogate Town AFC and the Community Foundation, whilst supporting the needs of local people within their community. We are excited to work closely with Blossom Home Care and their fantastic staff to continue to develop our work in this area.”

Carrianne Walters, the owner of Blossom’s Harrogate & Ripon office, also shared her thoughts on the partnership: “Myself and Darren Kacis officially took over this territory in July 2022, and have worked extremely hard to get where we are today. We love the job that we do, and the people we meet on a day-to-day basis. We feel so lucky to work in this area.

“When we found out that Harrogate Town AFC were looking for this particular partnership, we jumped at the opportunity. We believe that giving back and supporting local communities is a must. The caring support that is on offer by all involved in Talk of the Town is there for all in need. This could be to change their normal daily routine, meet new friends, or just have a good old chit-chat!”

Why a sense of community is so important

Creating and maintaining genuine, meaningful connections is vital, regardless of age. However, this becomes even more crucial as people grow older. Blossom believes in always going the extra mile to ensure that older adults in the community do not slip into isolation – and here are five reasons why:

  1. It promotes emotional wellbeing

  2. It helps maintain physical health

  3. It keeps the brain active

  4. You can learn new skills

  5. Being with friends makes you happy

For more insights into the indisputable benefits of feeling loved and appreciated by friends, family, and your community, don’t miss our dedicated blog on the subject.

Enjoying meaningful connections are more valuable today than ever before. And the Harrogate & Ripon office’s partnership with Harrogate Town AFC serves as a poignant reminder that a sense of community truly can brighten lives and create lasting bonds.

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