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Our Care Services

Blossom Home Care offers bloomin' good care-in-the-home services that let you carry on being you, on your terms, where you most want to be: in your own home, surrounded by everything that’s precious to you.


Our visits are a minimum of 50 minutes, so your carer will have time to do much more than the essentials and get to know you as the rounded and individual human being you are. That’s the difference we make at Blossom Home Care. It’s all about you, not us; about your needs as an individual, not ours as a company.

What makes Blossom Home Care different?


50 minute minimum care visits

App based monitoring for loved ones

Holistic care plans built around your needs and wishes

Retain your independence and autonomy

A nurse-led  approach
to home care


Set visit times - on time, every time

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