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Poole & Bournemouth

Home Care in

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Statement of Purpose

We believe in a different approach caring for loved ones in the home

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What makes Blossom Home Care different?


50 minute minimum care visits

App based monitoring for loved ones

Holistic care plans built around your needs and wishes

Retain your independence and autonomy

A nurse-led  approach
to home care


Set visit times - on time, every time

We provide bloomin' good care in the following areas


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Poole & Bournemouth

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Our Home Care Services


Blossom Home Care are head and shoulders above any other care-in-the-home provider in the country, providing bloomin' good care across the UK.


Our dementia care goes above and beyond just helping the individual in need – we also work to relieve the stress it brings family members too.


Live-in care focuses on dignity, helping clients retain their independence whilst enabling them to continue making choices on their own terms.


We go the extra mile every time to ensure our complex care services deliver exactly what’s needed and more.

Blossom Home Care are on a mission to redefine what it means to be a carer. So if you’re already working in the sector and are looking for a working environment that treats you properly, or are seeking to join this incredibly worthwhile profession, joining us is the right next step for you.

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Poole & Bournemouth

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