Just bloomin’ good care…
Just bloomin’ good care…

The story of Blossom Home Care…

Fiona, a qualified nurse, previously worked as a community staff nurse. She constantly witnessed the devastation that failing, low cost home care caused clients and their families.

At this time John and Fiona encountered personal experience of trying to find home care for a relative, whom was fiercely independent and wanted to stay at home. This highlighted the lack of high quality care services available that could deliver care to clients in a rural area and this identified the need for the new business.

When exploring business franchise opportunities though it soon became evident that the ones available did not fit their vision of a well-run, professional care provider. They wanted a business that treated staff and clients with respect and dignity while delivering the best standards of high quality home care and a good client experience and when they couldn’t find one John and Fiona created Blossom.

The strong values and ethos that John and Fiona have established now set a precedent to both employees and clients and instil a sense of pride in being part of the Blossom Family. Blossom Home Care are proud to be a highly regarded, market leading successful brand. Indeed, Fiona has received recognition for her work within the social care sector winning the Great British Care Awards, Regional Winner North East award ‘Outstanding Contribution to Social Care’ in 2019 and the ‘Social Care Nurse’ award in 2020. Blossom Home Care have also been recognised with the following awards:

‘Home Care Team’ award at the Yorkshire and Humberside regional Great British Care Awards in 2016 and 2020. Runners up at the Great British Care Awards National Finals 2017, for the Home Care Team Award.

In 2017 Blossom Home Care won the ‘Best Customer Service’ award at the Hambleton Business Awards.

The ‘Palliative Care Team’ Award was won by Blossom Home Care at the North East, Regional, Great British Care Awards in 2019.

If you want to know more about being part of Blossom and the bloomin good care we offer, please feel free to get in touch!

John and Fiona Leggott, co-founders and co-directors of Blossom Home Care, decided to launch a new Home Care brand in 2015.

Complex Care Services

We also offer Complex Care Services to adults & the elderly in their own home.

Live In Care

Around-the-clock support provided by live-in carers.

Our Carers & What Makes them Different

It takes truly passionate professionals who care about treating people in the right way, to deliver the high quality care Blossom Home Care has become known for. All Blossom Carers are DBS checked and have a clear criminal record so that Clients can be confident about who they are inviting into their homes.

At Blossom we believe that people bond with those people from similar backgrounds or who have similar interests.

Blossom Home Care

Consequently, our Carers are matched to our Clients based on the Client’s needs. As we are being invited in to our Client’s homes each day, it is vital that Carers can be trusted to deliver the care and attention needed in a way that suits the individual Client. Our matching process helps us to achieve this. We have no shortage of high quality Carers because we reward our employees better than other companies offering similar services. Our strict recruitment process also enables us to confidently say we only employ Carers who believe in delivering ‘just bloomin’ good care’.

It is also vital that our Carers can adapt to suit the environment and activities in which they may partake with the Client and are enthusiastic about them. Blossom Carers are therefore fully trained to ensure they are competent and qualified for the role they undertake. Indeed we actively recruit Carers who have experience in health care and are willing to expand their knowledge and skills by undertaking training and further qualifications.

Blossom carers are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and the management team oversees the care given to Clients to ensure their care package is delivered how it should be. Carer and Client spot checks are undertaken, daily monitoring of care times and length of calls helps to ensure consistency of care.

Our care is always delivered, reducing worry and anxiety for everyone, through a dedicated management team with 24/7 back up support through on call staff and staff responders. Our aim is to meet all appointments even in the worst of weather; we always do everything within our powers to get to ALL appointments.