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About Blossom Home Care.

Blossom Home Care is a family business, providing ‘just bloomin’ good care’ to the elderly and other adults with home care requirements. Having explored a number of franchise business options, John and Registered Nurse Fiona (Blossom’s owners), could not find a service provider that took care as seriously as they did. “So, we established Blossom Home Care” said John, “offering the very highest standards of care in which we would be happy for our own parents to be cared for.”

“Now we have an exciting new care company, with a dedicated management team, that are truly passionate about and totally committed to delivering high quality, care and support which is tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences.”

Blossom Home Care John and Fiona

Fiona & John – Co-Founders

As a fully qualified Registered Nurse, Fiona worked as a community staff Nurse and constantly witnessed the devastation that failing, low-cost home care was having on people and their families.

Unfortunately, care has become a cost driven industry. Local Governments are under tremendous pressure to achieve their budgets and have no option other than to drive down the cost of care. The result is that staff and services are put under pressure to deliver.

John and Fiona believe that the vast majority of failed care is due to this downward pressure on costs and want to do something about it, especially as people’s lives are at stake.

Our Carers

As Blossom’s carers deliver high quality, care and support tailored to the individual’s needs we conduct ongoing training and development courses to ensure that they maintain a very high standard of care, gain consent and keep confidentiality.

All staff are given an initial induction and ongoing training with a view to ensuring they can deliver the high-quality care that Blossom Home Care is so well known for. Carer induction ensures carers are competent and qualified for the role they will undertake. Their care is quality assured via spot checks to ensure that we are delivering for each client, each visit, each day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

People make bonds with people from similar backgrounds or who have similar interests. Consequently, our carers are matched to our clients based on their needs and background.

As we are visiting client homes and being invited inside each day, it is vital that carers can be trusted to not only deliver care but can also be trusted in other ways too. Blossom Home Care have a zero tolerance to criminal convictions when it comes to carers and all carers must hold a clean DBS.

We have no shortage of high quality carers because we reward good quality employees better than other companies offering a similar service. This means that we have the ability to choose from a wide range of highly skilled carers so we can match clients and carers seamlessly. It is vital that our carers can adapt to suit the environments and activities in which they may partake with the client and are enthusiastic about them. We can confidently say we only employ carers who believe in ‘just bloomin’ good care’.

Blossom Home Care Training
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