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We treat our carers every bit as importantly as our clients


Treating carers properly

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of the country’s incredible carers have to endure poor working conditions, pay, and work-life balance. As a result, it can understandably be difficult for them to motivate themselves to deliver the supreme level of bloomin' good care your loved ones deserve on each and every visit.

That’s why Blossom Home Care does things differently. We treat our carers every bit as importantly as our clients, giving them the working environment their awesome efforts truly deserve.

Not only does this ensure we attract the very best staff with the right attitude and qualities for the role, but it also makes a really positive impact on clients’ wellbeing.

How does Blossom Home Care treat carers properly?

We undertake several approaches to treating nurses and carers with the utmost importance:

  • Better pay: We believe carers should be paid properly for the amazing work they do. That’s why Blossom Home Care offers some of the top rates of pay in the domiciliary care industry.

  • Better routines: Being stressed at work isn’t beneficial to anyone, so we go the extra mile to ensure our carers’ schedules are achievable, engaging, and above all else enjoyable. Your carer will look forward to coming to work and doing what they do best: delivering top quality care for your loved ones.

  • Expert training and support: All carers are continually equipped with the latest tools and knowledge in order to do their job to the very best of their abilities. Our management teams are available to offer support and advice and there's always expert guidance from our registered general nurse. Furthermore, we recognise caring for clients can at times be a draining experience, which is why we also provide staff with around-the-clock support whenever they need it.

  • Enabling meaningful connections: With home visits always lasting a minimum of 50 minutes, carers are able to really get to know who they are looking after. After all, real care isn’t about constant firefighting during whistlestop 15-minute visits. The enduring bond between carer and client is an incredibly vital aspect of our holistic approach to care and improving clients’ wellbeing.

We believe happy carers make for happy clients. So when choosing Blossom Home Care, you can rest assured our carers are being treated just as specially as your loved ones.

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