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Modern care in every sense of the term


The Blossom app

From our outset, we have been on a mission to ensure compassionate bloomin' good home care is fit for the modern day. Central to achieving this is the industry-leading Blossom Home Care app.

When choosing a home care provider to keep your loved ones safe and well, there is always one key question that needs answering: how can I trust them? And rightly so, because you are putting your faith in someone to provide an essential, reliable service that keeps clients living happily in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible.

To meet these concerns and help modernise home care practices, we developed the fantastic Blossom Home Care app.

How does the Blossom Home Care app work?

In today’s digital age, everyone is used to having information at their fingertips on demand. We believe that should also extend to care in the home, giving you total peace of mind your loved ones are safe and being well looked after.

The Blossom Home Care app achieves this in several ways:

Real-time monitoring system: Using the app, you can see exactly when a carer arrives and leaves the property. This allows you to see precise times they spend caring for your loved ones, providing full accountability on each and every visit.

Paying for the care provided: Invoices are raised from the same app system, giving total transparency over the amount of care you’re paying for.

Live schedule and task management: Carers are able to input exactly what has been achieved on each visit. So whether it’s getting clients ready for the day or taking them out to their favourite restaurant, you can check in at any time to see what’s going on.

Establishing consistent care: An accessible track record of a client’s bespoke care routine acts as a guide to other carers who may need to fill in as and when needed.

Future-proofed technology: As care practices and processes change, the app will keep pace, being regularly updated to meet new demands.

When it comes to accountability, far too many home care providers opt to hide behind buried paperwork. But we like to do things properly, which is why the Blossom Home Care app is there to reassure you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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