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Giving your loved ones they time and respect they deserve


50+ minute visits

In recent years there has been a demoralising shift in the practices of delivering care-in-the-home services from many providers, specifically regarding the length of time carers visit their clients.

Rather than nurses and carers being able to spend quality time with those in need, many professional providers are increasingly opting for flying visits that prioritise functional essentials over genuinely empathetic care. Rushing can lead to standards slipping and accidents such as trips or falls.

This is simply not what bloomin' good care from Blossom Home Care is about.

All our carer visits last a minimum of 50 minutes

In a world which puts increasing focus on doing things as quickly as possible, we prefer to give proper care in our own unique way. This means spending quality time with those who need our services to live, not just exist.

That’s why every single visit from our expert team of dedicated carers lasts a minimum of 50 minutes – and often much longer.

What are the benefits of Blossom Home Care’s 50-minute visits?

Dedicating a proper amount of time to provide top-level care services benefits clients immeasurably in many different ways:

  • Getting to know each other: Regular long duration visits allows our carers to really get to know their clients and build a personal rapport. This enables us to provide a premium level of holistic care, rather than just popping in to deliver medication.

  • Making clients feel valued: As a result, carers leave clients feeling respected, valued and much happier having received genuine care and attention. These are essential feelings everyone should have, particularly in their own home.

  • Participation in social activities: Whether it’s a catch-up over tea and biscuits or a trip to the park, carers have the time for engaging and fun activities with clients. This is hugely beneficial to their physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Keeping them safe and comfortable: This is the core principle behind all home care visits. Simply put, spending more time with clients enables us to ensure they feel genuinely safe and happy living at home.

Every individual's needs are unique, but one thing is consistent: Blossom Home Care always goes above and beyond to deliver the care people need and deserve.

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