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New year, new start – why you should become a Blossom carer in 2023

For many people, a new year sets new resolutions and goals to achieve over the next 12 months.

Typically these revolve around the usual topics of fitness and hobbies. But they can also centre around more life-defining areas, such as changing careers or making a proactive effort to improve the lives of people around you or in your community.

If the latter sounds like something you would like to achieve in 2023, joining Blossom Home Care is the best decision you can possibly make.

By becoming a Blossom carer in your local area, you will instantly set foot on an immensely rewarding career path that provides continual opportunities to flourish, both personally and professionally. All the while you will enjoy a sense of true fulfilment by immeasurably improving the lives of clients in need of your highly-valued assistance.

You can find out lots more about what joining the Blossom Home Care team entails on our dedicated page. But to help you get started, we’ve answered a few of the most common questions we are asked by new applicants below:

Why should I join Blossom Home Care over other care companies?

We have a unique approach to home care services, putting the client’s unique holistic needs at the heart of a bespoke care plan.

Whatever the circumstances, we always go the extra mile to ensure clients are able to continue thriving whilst living independently. Whether it’s enjoying hobbies, trips out to favourite locations, or simply doing all the little things that make their lives easier to manage, with every care visit lasting an absolute minimum of 50 minutes, you will always have time to provide proper quality care and attention.

Our amazing carers enable us to deliver this industry-leading level of service and allow clients to feel truly respected and cared for. In return, we provide some of the best levels of pay in a variety of flexible roles, all of which allow for enjoyable routines and fantastic self-development and career progression opportunities.

What key skills do I need to be a carer?

All Blossom Home Care employees abide by our five key pillars. You must be:

Confident: You need to be confident and competent at all times. This means raising concerns and acting upon them, only undertaking skills you are competent in doing, and being an advocate for your clients to ensure they always receive the best possible care.

Passionate: You must be passionate about delivering exceptional care standards and be wholly committed to clients in line with our values and goals to help us deliver premium care.

​Respectful: Improving clients’ lives is at the absolute heart of everything we do, so you must be respectful of their time and individual wishes. That means being punctual, reliable, trustworthy, treating everyone with dignity, and being considerate of clients’ privacy, cultural, and support needs.

​Caring: It’s impossible to succeed with us unless you have an innate caring nature. That means being kind, compassionate, and having empathy and understanding for every client’s individual situation, wishes, and limitations.

​Patient: You must be able to communicate well with clients so that their tailored care plan can be delivered successfully on every visit in a timely manner, without rushing or pressurising.

Do I need to have prior care experience?

No – so long as you have the right mindset, motivation, and Blossom Home Care’s signature positive, can-do attitude, anyone is welcome to join our ever-growing team of world-class carers.

Although previous home care experience is desired, it’s not essential as comprehensive in-depth training is provided as part of achieving your Care Certificate.

What are Blossom’s carer requirements?

Our carers must:

● ​​Be 18+ years old

● Be able to speak English fluently

● Be eligible to work within the UK

Please note that all roles are subject to pre-employment DBS checks.

Ready to get started?

Do you believe you have the positive, can-do attitude that makes for a brilliant carer? Then we want to hear from you. Contact the Blossom Home Care recruitment team today and take your first step to redefining what it means to be a carer in your community:


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