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A truly holistic approach to care that delivers extraordinary results


Holistic caring

From top to bottom, every single Blossom Home Care team member exudes boundless positive energy. We have an unbridled passion for caring and believe approaching every situation with such a distinctly positive attitude makes a real difference for all our clients.

It’s common for those requiring any level of care in their own home to feel down or frustrated that they are no longer able to fully look after themselves. That’s why we have meticulously developed a wholly holistic approach to our care provision, designed to improve the client’s mind, body and soul.

We focus on every aspect of clients’ wellbeing when devising their bespoke bloomin' good care plan. No matter what their specific requirements, limitations, hobbies, interests or wishes are, we work tirelessly with them and their families to fully meet their individual needs.

Furthermore, any worries or concerns identified by the carer or client’s family are recorded. We then liaise with other healthcare professionals to help prevent deteriorating health issues, consequently reducing hospital visits.

How does Blossom Home Care achieve holistic care?

There are four key pillars that enable our holistic approach to premium home care services:

Minimum 50-minute visits: Key to our care provision is our unbreakable commitment that every visit lasts a minimum of 50 minutes. This gives carers the time to properly interact with clients, having friendly conversations or enjoying activities together, as well as going about their routine duties. In short, it means doing all the things that really matter to them.

Bespoke care plans: All care plans are as individual as the people they’re designed to serve. Working closely with clients and their families, we develop tailored schedules that go beyond their essential needs and keep them motivated, engaged, and above all else happy.

Expert training for carers: Blossom Home Care staff are carefully trained in our unique approach to positive, holistic care. Once they step foot into a client’s home, they will know exactly what to do to improve their wellbeing on every visit.

Treating carers properly: Happy carers make for happy clients. That’s why we strive to create a genuinely thriving and welcoming work environment, with better pay and schedules enabling carers to do what they do best.

Blossom Home Care’s life-affirming approach to caring for clients also helps prevent deteriorating health issues, dramatically improving their outlook and overall happiness; a positive mindset brings positive things.

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