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Who we are

Blossom Home Care is a family business, providing ‘bloomin’ good care’ to the elderly in various locations across the north. We enable our clients to remain in their own home for as long as possible and to partake in the activities that can make a real difference to their quality of life. We are a team of compassionate, competent, highly skilled individuals who care about what we do. Our Carers are rewarded well for a job well done and can take time with their clients. We understand the importance of home and that elderly folk can be fiercely independent about remaining at home for as long as they possibly can. Blossom Home Care helps facilitate this.


Fiona and John established Blossom Home Care when they realised that there was a need for a service provider offering quality personalised care to elderly people who want to remain in their own home. As a fully qualified Registered Nurse, Fiona worked as a community staff Nurse and constantly witnessed the devastation that failing, low-cost home care was having on people and their families.


Unfortunately, care has become a cost driven industry. Local Government’s are under tremendous pressure and have no option other than to drive down the cost of care in order to achieve budgets. The result is that staff and services are put under pressure to deliver. John and Fiona believe that the vast majority of failed care is due to this downward pressure on costs and wanted to do something about it, especially as people’s lives are at stake.

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