What’s in a number?

You know social media is great for letting people know what other people are doing and we love it! Especially when it is telling us about people who are still doing the things they love despite maybe getting a little older, having suffered a life-changing injury or having been born with a disability.

Greville Bidwell at Prodrive

This story is about a chap, Greville Bidwell, who started a job with a company called Prodrive at the age of 64 (a time when most people would be retiring!). That was in 1994. We read recently that this year he will finally be hanging up his boots, after 25 years of loyal service, to retire as he is 90 later this year. Not everyone is as fortunate as this chap and most people won’t be able to continue working until they are 90. However, if you are going to live into your nineties, you do want the best quality of life that you can get and, for most, that means staying in their own home and continuing to do the things that can make a real difference to your quality of life too. Maybe getting out into the garden, going out for coffee, and other social events such as shopping, feeding the horses, etc.

Blossom’s Approach to Care

At Blossom Home Care we are truly passionate about and totally committed to delivering high quality care and support, tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. Our emphasis is on a holistic approach to care, so as well as having access to the Nursing Team, the Blossom Care Plan will fully meet the needs of the client. This includes helping them to continue to participate in the social activities that can make a real difference to their life in general.

Delivering ‘just bloomin’ good care’ isn’t easy, but Blossom deliver a unique and totally fresh approach to care that’s worth finding out more about. Get in touch today to find out more about what Blossom Home Care can do for your elderly relative.

Story: https://www.facebook.com/prodriveofficial/photos/a.112527868777195/2644295972267026/?type=1&theater

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