We are Bloomin’ in Tadcaster

Tadcaster’s Bloomin’!

18 months after opening our second office in Tadcaster, we are pleased to report that things are developing quite nicely! It was always going to be a challenge to open and develop Blossom in a new area while still maintaining the exceptional levels of service at our Head Office in Northallerton. However, with the help of our great management team – Carri, Kelli, Luke, Gemma, Suzie and Sarah – we are pleased to report that our Tadcaster office is now responsible for delivering over 300 hours of care.


“We recruited Luke, an ex Nurse from the NHS, and guided by Carri, Luke co-ordinates everything at Tadcaster,” said John Leggott, Blossom’s owner. “As a result of Luke and Carri working alongside our team of exceptional carers, delivering the bloomin’ good care expected of us, our client base has grown and still is growing.”


Which Areas Blossom Covers

Blossom Home Care is a family business, providing ‘just bloomin’ good care’ to the elderly and other adults with home care requirements. Blossom’s client’s typically live in the rural areas of South Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire; often in the harder to reach locations where other home care providers don’t cover. Tadcaster office was established to deliver care to the area west of Tadcaster, areas like Wetherby, Ripon, Harrogate, York, and even potentially into Leeds. That’s why it’s good to be able to report that we are now delivering care into exactly these areas. Indeed our furthest west client lives in the village of Micklefield, just to the east of Leeds.


Blossom’s Aim

Blossom’s aim is to encourage clients to participate in life (where they can) and to continue to take part in the social activities that can, and do, make a real difference to their lives. Blossom delivers this via a minimum 50-minute call that gives the carers enough time to deliver the necessary care whilst also having time to interact with their clients and ensure everything is as it should be. Blossom also keeps family and friends informed of visits via an online feedback system, which enables authorised users to keep up to date on progress and happenings after each visit. This same system also keeps relevant members of the team at Blossom up to date with developments including any concerns.


“Having now recruited a number of carers in Tadcaster that we wouldn’t hesitate to invite into our own home, we have an exciting new development in our care company,” continued John. “Our dedicated management team are truly passionate about, and totally committed to, delivering high quality care and support, which is tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences, and we look forward to continuing to do this in our expanded area!”

hello@blossomhomecare.co.uk Northallerton: 01609 751 644, Tadcaster: 01937 222 166
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