The HEAT can be a problem for the vulnerable and the elderly!

The UK’s heatwave

It’s odd that just a few months ago we were reporting about how we were continuing to deliver care despite the onslaught of “the beast from the east”. Yet now, as the 2018 heat wave gathers pace in July and forecasters have reported that temperatures are set to soar with no widespread rain expected, there are growing concerns for vulnerable people. The elderly are particularly vulnerable as they could be put at risk of heatstroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.


The Met Office announced it was the driest June on record last month in the UK, and in Scotland, they recorded the highest ever temperature of 33.2C in Motherwell on the 28th.


Those at vulnerability

Alan Weir, head of clinical operations at St John’s Ambulance, warns that the elderly and the young are particularly vulnerable, and says it is vital to spot early signs of heat-related conditions. He said: “We love it when the sun comes out in this country, but it’s important to remember that extreme heat can be dangerous.”


“As many will be planning to enjoy the outdoors, we want people to recognise symptoms early on and take prompt action.”


He continued: “Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are the most serious problems and are often indicated by headaches and dizziness. The first priority is to get anyone showing these signs somewhere cool and rehydrated as soon as possible. We’re not overstating the danger when we say this sometimes can mean the difference between life and death.”


If you’d like to learn more about the symptoms and what to do if you spot them, read the full article here:



Meanwhile, here at Blossom Home Care we’ll continue to deliver the ‘bloomin’ good care’ that we are renowned for, whatever the weather! And because our minimum call is 50 minutes we’ll be able to assess whether our clients are dehydrated and be able to do something about it.

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