Unmet needs

In just two years the number of old people with unmet needs has exploded, rising by almost 20%. Now, research from Age UK reveals 1.4 million older people – or 1 in 7 – are now not getting the care and support they need. Add this to the fact that the NHS is losing around £500 per minute thanks mainly to the lack of capacity in the care system and the resulting delayed discharges. Age UK estimate that delayed discharges are now costing the NHS £289.1m a year. This is without taking into account the increased likelihood of people going back into hospital more frequently because of a lack of preventative care or because of warning signs in people’s health not being recognised and acted upon by over-stretched care teams.

Of the 1.4 million people found to have unmet needs, over 300,000 need help with three or more essential everyday tasks such as getting out of bed, going to the toilet, or getting dressed. It’s upsetting to learn that around half of these people receive no help at all from paid carers, family or friends, and are probably very much alone.


The Blossom difference

Here at Blossom Home Care, we wouldn’t claim to have all the answers to the issues, but we do recognise the need for a holistic approach to care that picks up on the warning signs in people’s health and by recognising them ensuring they are acted upon.

To reduce the worry and anxiety that unreliable, inadequate care can cause to all concerned, our carers are supported with the help and advice of a qualified nurse who ensures a high standard of care is delivered. Having a nurse on the team also helps with preventative care, as it means we can liaise with the client’s GP or Health Care Professionals to ensure our Care Plan fully meets client needs. We can also advise when health worries or concerns are raised which helps prevent deteriorating health issues and consequently reduces hospital admissions (which helps reduce the pressures on the NHS). Also, we designate a team of carers to each client so they get used to a friendly face. This has other advantages in that it’s easier for a ‘regular’ carer to spot any changes since the last visit, so any early ‘warning’ signs can be picked up.

As for over-stretched care teams, when Blossom visit, the ‘care’ call is a minimum of 50 minutes in length and there’s a reason for this too. 50 minutes gives carers the time to deliver the care needed as well as interact with the client. Clients often look forward to the visit as it’s sometimes their only ‘social’ event of the day, so it’s important to everyone at Blossom Home Care that the time is available to deliver the ‘bloomin’ good care’ that our clients deserve. If you’d like to know more about the services offered by Blossom Home Care get in touch today. 

Blossom Home Care offers quality home care focused on the client’s needs, not ours.

Our people, our processes and our systems set us apart from the rest. We are fully accountable for the service and directly accessible to Carers, Clients and client relatives 24/7.

Our holistic approach to the care ensures we fully meet the needs of the Client so Care plans are as individual as the people we work with. Any worries or concerns identified by the Carer or Family are recorded and we liaise with health care professionals to help prevent deteriorating health issues and consequently reduce hospital visits.

All client records are digital, making them easier to access for staff and quicker to complete. All the completed digital care plans, activities, documentation and rota’s are viewable by family, or next of kin that has authorised access, through the Online Feedback System. This can be accessed from anywhere in the world, providing honest and transparent care.

Blossom’s real time monitoring system enables tracking of staff locality to ensure their lone working safety. It also enables time monitoring of care delivery – giving the exact length of visit plus the time the visit starts and ends. Care invoices are raised from the same system maintaining total transparency.

Our totally fresh approach to home care is delivering ‘just bloomin’ good care’ everyday, day in and day out, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

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