The story of Alice and her Mum

The main carer is excellent.
If we need to contact Blossom for anything we just email and the response is always quick.


Alice’s Mum had reached that tricky stage that sometimes happens with elderly people, where they are beginning to need more help, but don’t recognise it or admit it. Alice decided to recruit a firm of carers, but because she lived miles away she was not there to check that jobs were being done. They weren’t. When Mum said, “You can go away, I don’t need any help,” they went – but they still took the money! Every time Alice visited she found herself trying to fit in all the jobs the carers should have done, leaving no quality time with her Mum.

How did Alice come to pick Blossom?

Alice had just spent a miserable Christmas Day, trying to get both the house and her Mum clean (although Mum denied it, she could no longer bath herself). Alice was at her wits’ ends, knowing that she would have to head home after the Christmas break, but recognising that things were just not working for her Mum. She found Blossom on the Internet and, although it was the holiday period, she tried phoning. She had an immediate answer. It was John, Blossom’s MD, and he was willing to speak on Boxing Day!

“I’m absolutely bowled over!

The carers have such a magic touch. Somehow they jolly Mum along, and reach sensible compromises over the things she refused to do for the previous firm. Everything is very professional, so I can can feel confident that Mum will be getting all the care she needs. I no longer dread what I shall find when I visit, because Mum and the house will be clean and tidy, and she will have been having a good hot meal every day. I order Mum’s food on-line, and I can actually phone a carer while she’s there, and get her to tell me what’s left in the fridge.”

Alice, what do you see as the key strengths of Blossom?

“I would sum them up as a perfect blend of complete professionalism with a warm human touch, but I will pick out some highlights.”

  • I’m allowed to call while the carer is with my Mum and get immediate up-dates
  • As well as a notebook in which they record details of each visit, there is an on-line system, where I can log-in from home and see how things went
  • Not only are the carers medically aware, but they have a trained nurse, whose intervention recently triggered a hospital visit for Mum
  • Whether it’s a quick email exchange or a phone chat, communication with Blossom is outstanding
hello@blossomhomecare.co.uk Northallerton: 01609 751 644, Tadcaster: 01937 222 166
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