Just bloomin’ good care…
Just bloomin’ good care…

Specialist Services


Blossom’s Care Companions can accompany you all the way! Travelling away from home can be a daunting experience for someone who is elderly but when you need to travel away for a holiday or Medical Care we can help. Our Blossom Care Companions will travel with you and can stay in the same accommodation, or close by, so that whenever you require assistance or company they are available to help. As a holiday companion they can also share the experiences with you whilst providing engaging company so that you never feel alone whilst you are travelling.

Obviously this service will require some pre-planning so if you are looking to travel for any reason and would like a Blossom Care Companion to come along with you please call…

Waking Nights

With our Waking Nights Service, a Blossom carer will come to your home to stay overnight but they will remain awake to provide whatever assistance or monitoring is needed. With our waking night service one of our Blossom carer’s will sleep in your home during the night hours to provide you with peace of mind.

Night Care may be required to provide a break for you or your family on a short-term basis or may also be required for longer periods.

Dementia / Alzheimer’s Care

Dementia is a broad umbrella term used to describe a range of progressive neurological disorders. There are many different types of dementia and some people may present with a combination of types. Regardless of which type is diagnosed, each person will experience their dementia in their own unique way. For more information on dementia visit https://www.dementiauk.org/understanding-dementia/about-dementia/

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia. There are more than 520,000 people in the UK with Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease so gradually more areas of the brain are damaged. As this happens, more symptoms develop. They also become more severe.

For most people with Alzheimer’s, the earliest symptoms are memory lapses. In particular, they may have difficulty recalling recent events and learning new information. These symptoms occur because the early damage in Alzheimer’s is usually to a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which has a central role in day-to-day memory. Memory for life events that happened a long time ago is often unaffected in the early stages of the disease. For more information visit https://www.alzheimers.org.uk

End of Life / Palliative Care

End of life care is support for people who are in the last months or years of their life. End of life care should help you to live as well as possible until you die, and to die with dignity.

End of life care includes palliative care. If you have an illness that can’t be cured, palliative care makes you as comfortable as possible, by managing your pain and other distressing symptoms. It also involves psychological, social and spiritual support for you and your family or carers. This is called a holistic approach, because it deals with you as a “whole” person.

Palliative care isn’t just for the end of life. You may receive palliative care earlier in your illness while you are still receiving other therapies to treat your condition.

You have the right to express your wishes about where you would like to receive care and where you want to die. You can receive end of life care at home or in care homes, hospices or hospitals, depending on your needs and preference.

At Blossom Home Care we are trained in helping you stay in your own home if that’s what you want. You will also be asked about your wishes and preferences in other areas so that these can be taken into account. Blossom can also help support your family or others who are important to you.

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Live In Care

Around-the-clock support provided by live-in carers.

Complex Care Services

We also offer Complex Care Services to adults & the elderly in their own home.

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