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Seven ways Blossom goes the extra mile to support clients living with dementia

September marks the recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month, a vital time to raise awareness and enhance the understanding of the cruel impact of dementia on individuals, their families, and society at large.

Last year we discussed the importance of looking out for the signs and symptoms of dementia. This time around we’re delving deeper into how Blossom Home Care’s exceptional award-winning services effectively support clients living with dementia through seven pivotal approaches.

Our unique approach to premium dementia home care ensures not only clients’ safety and wellbeing, but also the nurturing of their passions and connections – enriching lives in ways that transcend the challenges posed by dementia.

1. Collaboration with multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

Our experienced and highly trained carers work in close collaboration with clients’ families and multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) right from the very beginning.

Dementia affects everyone in different ways, meaning each individual’s care needs are distinct. Our partnership-first approach ensures we are able to craft tailor-made, holistic care plans that cater to these unique requirements.

By working in sync with medical professionals, therapists, and family members, we achieve the highest level of care that not only boosts clients’ overall wellbeing, but also enables clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible.

2. A truly holistic approach to home care

Devising a comprehensive care plan is much more than just addressing essential medical needs.

At Blossom we take a truly holistic approach which considers every aspect of clients’ lives, including their interests, hobbies, limitations, and personal wishes.

Such bespoke holistic care plans not only cater to clients’ physical wellbeing, but also embraces their specific emotional and social needs – two hugely important elements when it comes to dementia care.

3. Extended care visits that last a minimum of 50 minutes

Central to our caregiving philosophy is an unbreakable commitment that every visit lasts a minimum of 50 minutes, often extending even further.

This time frame empowers carers to engage meaningfully with clients through friendly conversations, shared activities, and essential tasks.

It is during these unhurried moments that genuine connections are fostered, allowing carers to truly understand clients’ preferences and create an environment of trust and comfort. This is especially important for people with dementia who want to continue living safely in their own home.

4. Alleviating stress for families

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. We have seen the effects of this first hand all too many times, so we strive to alleviate stress for both clients and their families by taking over all aspects of the client’s care management.

This support not only prevents emotional strain, but also ensures clients receive the high-quality care they require. This allows the client’s family to rest assured that their loved one can remain in the nurturing environment of their home for longer. This can also significantly reduce the stress felt by the client, in turn improving their positive outlook.

5. Providing complete transparency through our app

Understanding the care received by a client with dementia can be challenging, especially given the potential challenges of communication. We address this by offering full care transparency through the industry-leading Blossom Home Care app.

It includes an online feedback system which keeps family members fully updated on the care and attention their loved one is receiving. With the knowledge that the client is receiving the exceptional care they deserve on every visit, this real-time information provides very welcome peace of mind.

6. We help clients to thrive, not just exist

Our commitment to holistic care means we focus on understanding what truly ignites clients’ passions and interests. From the moment clients engage with us, we work closely with both the client and their family to uncover their individuality, including hobbies, social activities, and aspirations.

Activities with our carers are then tailored to spark joy and engagement, whether it involves a visit to a local pub for board games with friends, or enjoying a day out at a park or historical site. Making clients always feel engaged makes a world of difference, especially to those suffering with dementia in particular.

7. Valuing and empowering carers

We believe happy carers translate to happy clients – so we go above and beyond to provide our care teams with the support and appreciation they deserve. This includes the brilliant rates of pay, expert training and support, and opportunities to build meaningful connections with clients through rewarding routines.

By creating a positive and engaging work environment, we attract only the most skilled and compassionate caregivers who contribute significantly to clients’ wellbeing.

Ready to experience a new level of care?

Blossom Home Care has an unbreakable commitment to delivering exceptional levels of service. If you want to find out more about how our superb carers can help your loved ones, please contact us today.

We look forward to helping you.


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