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From carer to manager: Kelli’s Blossom Home Care journey

An unbridled commitment to recruiting the very best carers in the country is an integral part of Blossom Home Care.

It’s no secret we are on a mission to redefine what it means to be a carer. And for those joining our burgeoning team, this means providing them with every opportunity to improve and progress in their own careers.

Perfectly illustrating this is our very own Kelli Probst. The 34-year-old joined us four years ago in a care-based role, but now oversees the operations of two local offices in the North East as our Development Manager.

To find out more about her journey with Blossom Home Care, we sat down with Kelli for a quick Q&A…

Hi Kelli! Can you please tell us more about how you got started with us?

Of course! I first joined Blossom Home Care in June 2018. After spending time away from work whilst having my children, I decided I wanted to come back into the world of professional care. I was initially offered a senior carer position, but just before I started, I was offered a care coordinator role.

With carers in such high demand everywhere, what made you want to work for Blossom Home Care?

What really excited me was being able to give clients our proper care and attention, thanks to Blossom Home Care’s 50+ minute visits. It made me feel confident that we could always leave clients feeling content, respected, and that we’d met all their needs.

How did you find the job after you joined?

I picked the role up very fast, and by August 2018 I became Deputy Manager at the Northallerton office.

Brilliant! What did the role entail?

Primarily it involved undertaking assessments of new clients and the auditing of notes. I also took on the responsibility for carer recruitment. Then, in November 2018, I was promoted to officer manager.

How did this differ from the deputy role?

In this post I managed the day-to-day running of the office and operations, whilst continuing to oversee staff rotas. It also gave me the opportunity to improve my own training, and I gained my CQC registration in November 2019.

Amazing! Lastly, can you bring us up to speed on your latest role?

In March 2022 I was appointed Development Manager for Blossom Home Care. In this role I manage operations at two local offices, whilst continuing to drive up service standards and client satisfaction. Since day one it’s been a joy working at Blossom Home Care – the support and guidance from the managers and everyone on the team has been massive. You always have someone to turn to whenever you’re in need.

It’s never too late to start your career in care. If you still need convincing, check out the five reasons care workers should join Blossom Home Care. [LINK].


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