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Blossom welcomes first international sponsored carer

Delivering the very best care for our clients can only be done by recruiting the very best carers.

It’s no secret that a shortage of highly-trained care staff working in the UK has been a problem in the sector for some time. And although the Blossom Home Care difference ensures we are always the go-to employers for the finest carers in the industry, we are always looking to cast our net wider as more and more clients choose us to deliver the holistic care that truly improves every aspect of their wellbeing.

With this in mind, last year we joined the government’s Health and Care Worker visa scheme. This enables Blossom Home Care to hire and train the best carers from around the world to grow our brilliant multi-skilled care teams across the country. And we are delighted to announce that our first international worker has now joined us!

Registered nurse Samjhana hails from Nepal and has joined the head office team in Tadcaster to begin her training. Regardless of their prior experience, every carer who joins us is trained to the utmost in standards, with the Blossom Home Care difference at the core: delivering the absolute best in premium and personalised holistic care to every single client.

Speaking about joining the team, Samjhana said: “I love working here already – everyone is so friendly! I was a registered nurse in Nepal but I wanted to come to England to join the award-winning Blossom Home Care and deliver amazing care for all our clients.”

Five reasons we’re the care employer of choice

We are on a mission to redefine what a career in care looks like, wherever employees hail from.

1) Ensuring carers feel valued with better pay

To ensure we only attract the very best carers – each of whom are incredibly valued both by us and our clients – we are among the best paying care-in-the-home employers in the country. Additionally we offer a flexible working environment, with full-time and part-time roles available.

2) Enabling carers to create genuine connections with clients

Every home visit lasts a minimum of 50 minutes, and often much longer. This allows carers to really get to know who they are looking after and create deep, meaningful connections which also significantly improve the client’s wellbeing.

3) Creating enjoyable routines, rather than stressful ones

Being stressed at work isn’t beneficial to anyone, so we go the extra mile to ensure carer schedules are achievable, engaging, and above all else enjoyable. We want our staff to look forward to coming to work and doing what they do best: delivering quality care.

4) Delivering an holistic approach to care

Our carers pride themselves on providing all-round holistic care to every single client, ensuring their unique needs and wants are met. So whether that’s helping them enjoy hobbies, keeping them active with a trip outside, or perhaps even reliving a precious childhood memory they treasure, providing the meaningful human contact they deserve makes for happy, healthier clients.

5) Providing expert training and support

We will always go the extra mile to ensure our carers are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to do their job to the very best of their abilities.

In addition, we recognise that caring for clients can at times be a draining experience. That’s why carers will always have 24/7 support from our incredibly friendly and experienced team, whenever they need it.

Ready to get started?

Do you believe you have the positive, can-do attitude that makes for a brilliant carer? Then we want to hear from you. Contact the Blossom Home Care recruitment team today and take your first step to redefining what it means to be a carer in your community:


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