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Blossom Home Care is a family-run business providing premium personalised care to the elderly and other adults with home care requirements.


What sets us apart from other home care providers is the passionate emphasis we place on truly holistic care. All clients receive a completely tailored service during minimum 50 minute visits, which fully meets their individual needs, wants and wishes – all of which are delivered by the best home carers in the country.


Our approach is completely unique and designed to improve every aspect of a client’s wellbeing, whatever their situation. Find out more about what makes Blossom Home Care special


Our philosophy

We create an environment in which the people who are in our care can continue to enjoy the comforts of their own home for as long as possible. We also remove the stress and anxiety clients and their family may have over receiving unreliable, inadequate care.


Our mission

We are committed to helping clients participate in the things they have always enjoyed doing in order to boost their wellbeing and positive mental attitude. It’s this approach which is seeing us usher in a new era of phenomenal home care that truly benefits clients.


Our ethos and values

We deliver the highest standards of care from the very best carers and management teams. We never compromise on care for cost, so we do not take on cost-driven care contracts with short visit times that don’t enable us to provide adequate care.


Premium care, carefully delivered

It takes truly passionate and knowledgeable professionals who care about treating people the right way to deliver the top-quality service Blossom Home Care is known for.


All of our carers are trained to the highest standards to ensure they are fully competent and qualified for the roles they undertake. Our strict recruitment process – we actively recruit carers who have previous healthcare experience, a clear criminal record, and are willing to expand their knowledge and skills further – mean you can always be confident about who is being invited into your home.


We reward carers properly

We have no shortage of high-quality carers because we pay our employees the best rates and cultivate a working environment they can thrive in. Find out more about why carers want to work for Blossom Home Care.

The right carer for the right client

We believe people bond with those who share similar backgrounds and interests – therefore all clients are matched with carers who best suit their individual needs. This ensures carers are enthusiastic about the environment and activities in which they may partake with their client.


Meticulously managed care

Our care is always delivered through a dedicated management team, with 24/7 backup support through on-call staff and responders. Carer and client spot checks are undertaken, alongside daily monitoring of visits to ensure consistency of care. We always do everything within our power to get to every single appointment, even in the worst of weather.

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