Our Team

At Blossom Home Care we know that it’s the little things that can make a BIG difference. That’s why we only employ people who want to go the extra mile and deliver above and beyond everyday. These people are not easy to come by so that’s why we reward our team better than other Care companies.

This ensures that we don’t have a shortage of high quality Team Members all ready and willing to care for you. Each team member has a can do attitude and is enthusiastic and willing to adapt to the daily activities/requests placed upon them. We can confidently say we only employ people who believe in delivering ‘just bloomin’ good care’ and this we look forward to delivering it to you.

“I first applied to work for Blossom because they had a qualified Nurse as a Director and their ethos of ‘everyone deserves the best, individual care possible’ was extremely important to me”.

“Blossom Home Care is definitely the best Care Company I have ever worked for. The work is varied and satisfying – personal care one minute, shopping the next, then helping a client fill hay bags for their horses! It couldn’t be better!”

John Leggott
Managing Director
Fiona Leggott
Managing Director / Registered General Nurse (RGN)
Carri Walters
Registered Manager / Development Manager
Dawn Owen
Gemma Hanson
Recruitment Officer
Sarah Hubbuck
Team Leader
Miroslava Stechniova
Kelli Probst
Branch Manager (Northallerton)
Jill Atkinson
Branch Manager (Tadcaster)
hello@blossomhomecare.co.uk Northallerton: 01609 751 644, Tadcaster: 01937 222 166
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