Our Carers Care…

We have a downloadable brochure on our website that outlines the services we offer and also includes some comments from clients. I haven’t looked properly at the brochure in a while, but today, when I was flicking through it, I came across this very moving letter from one of our clients. This particular client lived 100 miles away from her Mum, so it was her brother who was bravely caring for her 24/7 with the client visiting as and when she could. It was a very difficult time for the family as Mum was terminally ill and did, unfortunately, die peacefully in her sleep.

This was an extremely distressing time for the family and yet they recognised the ‘ray of sunshine’ that visited three times a day to help care for Mum and the fact that the carer gave up her own time to go along to the funeral.

End of life care is particularly hard for all concerned, so anything that can ease the trauma and make it just a little more bearable has to be our focus. We are there to help the person live as well as possible until they die, and to die with dignity. We take care of the ‘whole’ person while supporting family members and others who are important to you. In this instance, our client felt that our carer went above and beyond when faced with this extremely distressing situation. She did, but she also cared.

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