Oh the Weather Outside’s Been Frightful…

Winter turns to Spring

We’ve had some awful weather this Winter. Fingers crossed we are now coming out of it and Spring has finally sprung! When you own a home care company, especially one covering rural locations, Winter weather can seriously affect the service offered.

Even in the worst of the weather, however, Blossom delivered care and clients and relatives were eternally grateful. So much so that many sent notes of thanks to the Blossom team for actually just getting to the call. Indeed, because Blossom are often the only visitor a client may see, had Blossom missed the call due to the weather they would have been sorely missed.


50 minutes minimum

Blossom’s policy of offering visits that last a minimum of 50 minutes, an online feedback system that provides relatives with same day reports and updates of visits (while also logging the arrival and leaving times of carers), and a round-the-clock callout service means everyone can rest easy. The 50 minute minimum call means Blossom can provide a range of services in one visit. These include the likes of washing and dressing, housework, shopping, preparing meals, the management of hygiene and administering medication; all extremely important whatever the weather. But one of the key things that a 50-minute minimum call enables is time for social interaction, especially important if you are the only visitor that the client will have in that day.

Blossom recognise the importance of social interaction and so also accompany clients to appointments, social outings such as to the cinema, restaurants and activity clubs, just not usually in the snow! It’s this sort of activity that can make a real difference to people’s quality of life. Maybe that’s just one of the reasons why a visit from Blossom means so much? Sometimes when you deliver a service, day in and day out, it takes something out of the ordinary, like the snow, to make everyone truly realise and understand how important that service is!

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