NHS Pressure

We are hearing a lot recently about the NHS being under pressure and yesterday we heard about  some hospitals having to take the unprecedented step of cancelling cancer operations (link).  This is a complex issue with lots of reasons like lack of funding being cited.  The lack of beds available is also an issue and unfortunately this can often be down to a “delayed transfer of care” for elderly patients.
Seasonal increases in the number of elderly people needing hospital care increases the needs for beds.  Often, after a few days of treatment these people are declared fit to be discharged, but because of the time of year, it can take a few days for the hospitals to find carers to carry out the twice-daily visits needed for these patients to return home safely.  These “delayed transfer of care” cases or, in colloquial terms, a bed-blockers, can cause major issues and strain on the NHS.  At Blossom we aim to reduce hospital visits as much as possible.  Our holistic approach to care includes the Nurse liaising with a client’s current health care professionals, such as their GP, this feedback can help prevent deteriorating health issues and consequently reduce hospital admissions.


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