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Franchise Owner

Malton Office Centre, Malton

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Shaun and Emma Reed are the proud owners
and operators of the franchise area covering the
Yorkshire Wolds. From their office in Malton they
deliver bloomin’ good care and are really pleased
and proud to be part of the Blossom Family.

Emma, who has worked in care most of her life, is
looking forward to demonstrating how Blossom’s
commitment to care quality sets Blossom Home
Care apart from the rest. Shaun, on the other
hand, brings with him a wealth of business
experience and a commitment to delivering the
highest possible standards. Together they make
a powerful management team committed to
ensuring that client needs are at the centre of
everything they do. Their objective is to ensure
the same high-quality care standards in their
territory that have been achieved by Blossom
Home Care elsewhere in the country.

As a brand Blossom is trusted and reliable in the
delivery of quality care so, working alongside
Shaun and Emma’s experienced, qualified
Registered Manager, will be a team of handpicked
Carers capable of delivering the quality
experience clients expect. A robust recruitment
process selects carers that are kind, caring and
skilled, with exceptional
references to further safeguard clients and offer
peace of mind to next of kin.

A holistic approach ensures client needs are fully
met through the minimum 50-minute call which,
gives Carers adequate time to deliver care and
help the client, without them being pressurised
to rush. This also reduces the incidence of
accidents and falls. Having a minimum of
50-minutes to complete the call also means there
is time for social interaction which decreases
feelings of loneliness and depression.

Shaun and Emma look forward to demonstrating
personally how their commitment to quality care
set Blossom Home Care Yorkshire Wolds apart.
They are fully committed to delivering bloomin’
good care in the towns and villages around
Malton and the Yorkshire Wolds. If you’d like to
know more about Blossom Home Care in Malton
and the bloomin’ good care they offer, please
feel free to give them a call.

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