Join Blossom Home Care and #ShareTheOrange to Help Defeat Dementia

It’s Dementia Action Week #DAW18 this week (21-27 May 2018) and we’re supporting a particular campaign in the hopes of changing people’s lives to, one day, defeat dementia.


Alzheimer’s Research UK

Alzheimer’s Research UK was originally founded back in 1992 as the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, and their mission was to defeat dementia through research. They noticed a significant lack of investment in researching dementia. As a result, their small team set out to fund the creation of a research centre based in Cambridge – a city with a good reputation for research excellence. Fast-forward, and they now have 15 dedicated research centres across the UK to support hundreds of scientists.


#ShareTheOrange Campaign

In 2016, Alzheimer’s Research UK ran a campaign, fronted by Dr Who actor Christopher Eccleston, titled #ShareTheOrange. It was their most successful digital awareness campaign yet. The campaign’s message was simple: the cause of dementia is diseases, and conducting thorough research can ultimately defeat diseases.


This year, #ShareTheOrange still carries the same message and introduces Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, whose mother passed away from Alzheimer’s. “I was honoured to be part of the #ShareTheOrange campaign for Alzheimer’s Research UK. Alzheimer’s took my mother’s life, but our loved ones hopefully could be saved from the same fate. With advanced scientific research, hard work and generous support, Alzheimer’s Research UK, one day, could make finding a cure a reality,” says Cranston.


In the digital campaign, Cranston shows how the diseases that cause dementia physically attack the brain, peeling and stripping it away to the rind and pith, effectively destroying a person’s cognitive ability and independence piece by piece.


As scary as that sounds, the message behind #ShareTheOrange is essentially one of hope. Research is already transforming the lives of people affected by once-incurable diseases. The diseases that lead to dementia are no different. By conducting research, these can and will be beaten.


The Future

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s mission is to introduce the first life-changing dementia treatment by the year 2025. At Blossom Home Care, we fully support this campaign. So, will you join us and #ShareTheOrange during Dementia Action Week? #DAW18



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