Blossom’s 5 Key Principles

Everyone at Blossom works to 5 key principles, which are…

  • To enable the people we care for to remain in their home for as long as possible whilst helping them to continue to participate in the social activities that can make a real difference to their life in general.
  • To reduce the worry and anxiety that unreliable, inadequate care can cause to all concerned.
  • To reduce the number of hospital visits by reporting any health concerns/issues to the nurse for early interception.
  • To meet all of our appointments.
  • To attract, retain and develop the very best carers and enabling them to take time with their clients.

But do we deliver them?

Yes, we do. We always deliver our key principles, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Here are some of the lovely comments we’ve received from clients that we’ve worked with. It’s always good to be praised for a job well done. If you’d like to know more, you can read the full story in the real life section of our website: https://www.blossomhomecare.co.uk/real-life-stories/

This is what Alice said…

I would sum Blossom Home Care up as a perfect blend of complete professionalism with a warm human touch, but I will also pick out some highlights…

  • I’m allowed to call while the carer is with my Mum and get immediate updates
  • As well as a notebook, in which they record details of each visit, there is an online system where I can log-in from home and see how things are going
  • Not only are the carers medically aware, but they have a trained nurse, whose intervention recently triggered a hospital visit for Mum
  • Whether it’s a quick email exchange or a phone chat, communication with Blossom is outstanding

This is what Bill said…

Blossom pay their carers more so they attract the better carers. Blossom carers are always pleasant, experienced carers. Their emphasis is on care and they do go the extra mile; looking for jobs to do rather than just trying to end the visit as quickly as possible. They even dos one housework chores if time permits. Blossom are standing out from the rest as the best company so far and I would like to commend them on a job well done!

And here’s what John (Paula’s Dad) said…

I go to a coffee morning on a Monday at the hospice. As I lost my license after my stroke, I needed someone to take me to Darlington each week. The girls take me there, help me with making my bed, the housework, and taking the dogs for a walk. They’re great.

If you’d like to know your loved one is being taken care of in their own home by a care company that truly cares, talk to us today and maybe you could be our next real life story.

hello@blossomhomecare.co.uk Northallerton: 01609 751 644, Tadcaster: 01937 222 166
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