Home sweet home in Wetwang!
Home sweet home in Wetwang!
Blossom Care

Blossom Home Care understand the importance of home and that some elderly folk can be fiercely independent about remaining there. This was the case for a gentleman in Wetwang (yes, it really is a place) who, at Christmas 2021, called to enquire about live-in care from the team at Blossom Home Care Beverley. 

Residential care wasn’t really an option as he didn’t want to leave his home behind. Home was the place where he felt happiest, plus all his memories were there, too.  

The around-the-clock support offered by Blossom Home Care Beverley’s live-in carers can cover everything from medication management and personal care through to household chores and shopping. And, because the team also understand that emotional well-being can be as important as physical health for this particular client, they are not only a constant source of help and support, they are also excellent companions, so much so that this client really does consider them as ‘very caring’ friends. 

Live-in care isn’t for everyone. That’s why Blossom Home Care take the time to understand each client’s wants and to tailor their care package to suit individual needs. Blossom offer a range of services to help you stay in your own home and make the most of life. If you’d like to know more and you live in the Wetwang/Beverley area, then give Blossom Home Care Beverley a call today on 01482 534 991 or visit www.blossomhomecare.co.uk/live-in-care/



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