When you care, everyday makes a difference.
When you care, everyday makes a difference.

You’ve probably already seen the TV commercials that are part of a new national adult social care recruitment campaign launched by the government. The aim of the campaign is to attract more staff to the sector amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

The ‘Care for others. Make a difference campaign’ was launched by the Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock and Care Minister Helen Whately last week to

reignite the search for people with a zest for caring and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. The launch of the campaign came as the nation once again recognised the heroic efforts of social care staff and other key workers in the weekly ‘Clap for our Carers’ event that took place on Thursday the 23rd April. 

Over 7,000 retired nurses have responded to the call to return to work as the government sought to attract former professionals back into the sector and the government is aiming to attract 8,000 former social care workers back under this plan. The Department of Health and Social Care is inviting care providers and recruitment agencies to list their vacancies on the campaign’s website www.everydayisdifferent.com and to promote the campaign as much as possible. Here at Blossom Home Care we are proud to announce, that we are supporting this initiative by taking part to recruit more carers to join our teams. 

Caring for others can be challenging but it is also exceptionally rewarding especially when you recognise that carers can and do make a difference everyday.




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