Caring for Carers with a pay increase
Caring for Carers with a pay increase

Given a backdrop of care providers having to hand back contracts or turn down new requests for care​ – at home and in care homes​ – as a direct result of the acute shortage of care workers, Blossom Home Care believe they have found a solution.

“The staffing crisis affecting the care industry could be solved at a stroke,” says John Leggott Blossom Home Care’s co-founder. “Care staff have been fleeing the industry – or avoiding it in the first place – because they can earn better money at a supermarket or serving drinks behind a bar – so earlier this year we gave our carers a pay increase.”

Attracting and retaining quality care staff is key for all of Blossom’s offices, which are currently mainly franchised across the north. To ensure Blossom recruit the very best carers, some of the very best rates are paid, between £10.50 and £12.00 per hour flat rate for Carers with mileage and 10-minutes travel time paid, and up to £14.00 per hour for Senior Carers. 

Staff retention has also been maintained as a result although Blossom already invests in its Carers and the standard 50-minute minimum home visit means Carers have time to deliver the kind of care most joined the profession to deliver. Maybe that’s also one of the reasons why demand for the service has continued.   

If you are truly passionate about delivering the highest standard of care and want to be rewarded well for the job you do, you should be working for Blossom Home Care. Right now, there are full-time and part-time hours available in each of the locations – Barnard Castle, Beverley, Durham, Malton, Northallerton (Head Office) and Tadcaster. So, the message to anyone out there currently working in care, or considering working in it, is to contact Blossom today https://www.blossomhomecare.co.uk/become-a-blossom-carer/.



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