Announcement on COVID-19
Announcement on COVID-19

At Blossom Home Care, the nature of our business means our teams are more used to facing day-to-day adversity than most. The current situation surrounding COVID-19 is uncertain and with that, inevitably, comes worry and anxiety for everyone concerned. At Blossom Home Care, our focus is still very much business as usual although, as you would expect, we have taken steps to ensure that our ability to serve the people who rely upon us remains uninterrupted, whilst protecting the wellbeing of both clients and carers, which is always our utmost priority.

Given the ongoing situation, we’re working closely with local and national government bodies, and acting upon the information from Health England and the NHS. Our brief is to continue visiting clients to deliver the care that is so necessary to our far reaching, elderly customer base, whilst making the necessary changes to the way we operate to safeguard all concerned.

Our strategy of care has always been to have key carers for each client. This means that carers work within geographical zones minimising contact with other carers. Further, because it’s the same carers visiting clients, any changes in their health/wellbeing is more readily identified making sure any necessary hospital referrals happen sooner, which, faced with the current crisis, is an extremely important factor. Another key advantage of working in this way is that if one zone is affected, we deal with the issues in that zone without it impacting on the other zones, keeping everything else moving as normal. The Blossom office teams manage this process remotely, communicating with carers by phone/electronically, so that our carers do not need to visit the offices. This again minimises the risks of transmitting the virus between our team members and protects the office-based teams who are our first reserve carers, stepping in as and when necessary.

Our clients are extremely vulnerable to this virus, so carers are fully briefed, according to current guidelines. They are fully aware of processes and procedures, which need to be followed and any new guidelines are communicated, and understanding confirmed, quickly and regularly to avoid any confusion. If the condition of a client deteriorates then carers have access to the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) recommended/supplied by the government and would have to be worn to protect them against catching the coronavirus infection from clients and passing on the infection to their families.

This is an extremely challenging situation accentuated because COVID-19 is unprecedented and scenarios are constantly changing and developing, which means so too are our guidelines for care. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we continue to deliver the bloomin’ good care we are known for. That will never change and neither will our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our clients and carers. As a company, we’re here to support our carers and their families as well as our clients and their families. We are all facing a very difficult situation together. If anyone is worried or anxious about the wellbeing of elderly relatives or neighbours, please contact us for support.


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