The story of Bill and his wife
The story of Bill and his wife

Bill’s wife had neurosurgery and was paralysed down one side of her body. Having experienced care through Social Services and watching the care being administered to his wife, Bill believed that none of the companies recommended to him were up to the job.

“Unfortunately”, he said “you do rely on the information and contacts they give you.” So, Bill set out to find a care company where the focus was on good quality care rather than cost saving care. Having searched online, Bill found Blossom Home Care.

“I could see from their website that their focus on care, rather than profit, came through. It was also good to know they had access to a nurse, but what really mattered to me was the care administered by their carers. Because Blossom pay more to their carers, they attract the better carers. Blossom carers are always pleasant, experienced carers. Their emphasis is on care and they really do go the extra mile. They look for jobs to do rather than just trying to end the visit as quickly as possible, even doing some housework chores if the time permits. Blossom are standing out from the rest as the best company so far and I would like to commend them on a job well done!”

Thank you, Bill.


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