Blossom Home Care – Just keeps on blooming!

Blossom is Blooming

Blossom Home Care has now delivered over 200,000 visits (covering 1 million miles) since its launch in September 2015. They are now on target to deliver in excess of 100,000 visits from their Northallerton and Tadcaster offices this year. That’s a lot of bloomin’ good care to the elderly residents of South Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. REGISTERED Nurse Fiona and her farmer husband John Leggott have seen their business blossom since its launch. The couple now employ a team of 50 carers who help people that need care to live independent lives in their own homes. The team are fully supported by Registered Manager/Development Manager Carri and Branch Managers Kelli and Jill.

The Blossom Difference

Unlike many care companies, Blossom thrives in the rural communities surrounding its two offices in Northallerton and Tadcaster. With an emphasis on a holistic approach to care, Blossom’s Electronic Monitoring System and 50-minute minimum call, they seem to have the recipe for a market-leading care company focused on the clients’ needs, not theirs. The Electronic Monitoring System is updated by the carer and gives authorised relatives a summary of each visit and monitors the arrival/departure times of the carer for complete transparency.

Blossom understands the importance of home and that elderly folk can be fiercely independent about remaining at home. Research indicates that home is where the elderly are best off. So, Blossom helps facilitate that, whilst enabling them to partake in the activities that can improve their quality of life. And its philosophy does seem to be working, as it is needing to expand its care team in Northallerton.

For Every Carer, For Every Hour

“Demand for the service is such that recruiting the very best carers can prove to be difficult”, says John Leggott. “To ensure we recruit the very best carers, we pay one of the very best rates. So much so that we have recently increased the pay for our Northallerton carer team to a £10 per hour flat rate, for every carer, for every hour, with mileage and travel time paid, and for Senior Carers we pay £11 per hour. Right now, we have full-time and part-time hours available with a minimum 20-hour contract. So, my message to anyone out there currently working in care and good at it, is call Blossom today.”

Sounds like if you are truly passionate about delivering the highest standard of care, you should be working for Blossom Home Care because they are blooming!

hello@blossomhomecare.co.uk Northallerton: 01609 751 644, Tadcaster: 01937 222 166
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