Blossom are bloomin’ GOOD at what we do!

We are pleased to report that, having received the latest CQC inspection report, we are rated “GOOD” in all areas.

Which areas is the inspection report based on?

The following five questions are asked in any CQC inspection report on services like ours:

  • Is the service safe?
  • Is the service effective?
  • Is the service caring?
  • Is the service responsive?
  • Is the service well-led?

You can read the full report here.

Blossom’s highlights

However, today we wanted to share some of the highlights with you and thank the team at Northallerton for their achievement and consistent focus on the things that matter to us and our clients.


So, running through each point in turn… In order to be “safe” we had to demonstrate that people were protected from abuse and avoidable harm. We also demonstrated that we had the systems and processes in place to safeguard all concerned. Here at Blossom, our policy of only employing carers with a clear police report/DBS was a key element as this reassured clients. Carers are also only allowed to commence work when their references had been received and checked. This means clients feel safe with the staff coming into their homes. One client even made the comment: “I have no doubts about their honesty”.


To demonstrate the effectiveness of the service meant illustrating that people’s care, treatment and support achieve good outcomes and promote a good quality of life (based on best available evidence). Here, the report says that “people’s outcomes were consistently good, and people’s feedback confirmed this”. Consent was sorted, training had been conducted, and carers were knowledgeable of, and mindful of, the nutritional needs of clients. One carer mentioned: “we record what she eats and if she eats well”.


From a caring perspective, we were able to demonstrate that we involved our clients and treated them with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect. The team were also recognised as supporting clients to express their views and be actively involved in making decisions about their care. A special mention was also made of the care plans seen and the person centric detail they held. They were obviously written with the client’s involvement and, where appropriate, their relatives too.


The individualised care plans were also mentioned in the responsiveness section because they documented people’s life histories. This includes their likes and dislikes as well as how clients preferred their care to be provided. One relative commented: “There is a care plan and we talk about any changes that need doing to the care”. This cemented the focus on the individualised care plans that Blossom use.

It also wouldn’t be Blossom if no one had mentioned the minimum 50-minute call and how a client’s social needs are addressed as a result. One staff member told the CQC that they had taken one client to see a tractor he used to drive. The staff member told the CQC “he thought that was great”.


And finally, when asked was the service well-led? The report concluded that “the service was consistently managed and well-led. Leaders and the culture they created promoted high quality, person-centred care”. This point was accentuated when a member of the team said: “It is very well-organised. Normally with businesses it’s all about the money, but here it is person focused – it’s a family business”.

What more can we say?

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